Our staff


Petra Lévay- executive director

In addition to my position as a chairwoman of the advisory board, I also work as the executive director. As the leader of an organization with a history of more than 30 years, it is an honor to perform this task as a former beneficiary of the foundation.

Since 2017, we have relaunched the main programs, including physiotherapy and swimming lessons, as well as family and children’s camps. In 2019, we have already managed to organize parenting sessions and other trips.

My goal is to rebuild the international relations and to be able to please families and children with as many programs as possible. My main goal is to make the kids who turn to us happy adults for the future.


Kitti Rayan – fundraiser colleague

I’m Kitti Rayan , the fundraiser specialist of  the Foundation for Limbless Children.

Regarding my studies, I graduated as a biotechnologist with a specialization in genetics at the University of Debrecen in 2010. After giving birth to my daughters, my career took a 180 degree turn. I am currently working as a self employed  virtual office manager.

I got in contact with the foundation in 2014 through my younger daughter. She has limb deficiency and we have received a lot of help from an early age. When I saw the ad that the foundation was looking for a staff member, there was no question that I wanted to join the team, so from December 2019 I have been working with the organization.


Bence Vados – swimming instructor

When I was one and a half years old, I became acquainted with swimming via the foundation.  I continued first as a recreational activity and then over time I became a race swimmer. I competed as an athlete under the wings of István Málnai for 15 years.

Swimming has become so much a part of my everyday life that I eventually switched to the other side of the pool and became an instructor. In the beginning, I learned the basics from my mentor, “Pike”, and then I got  swim coaching qualification at the University of Physical Education.

I have been teaching children and adults for more than ten years: at first healthy people then for the last  7 years I teach  children with limb deficiency, autism and mobility impairments. Education is a creed for me, I can say that my job is my hobby. I try to acquaint my students with the secrets of swimming with sincere faith and devotion. I consider building trust very important, I want to put a smile on the faces of the students by swimming and activities, so that they do not experience swimming lessons as a compulsion, but as a relaxation and good experience for them.


Zsófia Elmer- physiotherapist

I am Zsófia Elmer, a physiotherapist. I graduated in June 2019 from the Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Semmelweis University. In addition to my work at the foundation, I work full-time with children and adults with severe and multiple disabilities.

Earlier, during my high school years, I decided I wanted to work with children. I think I can build a good relationship with the kids, I can talk to them easily and based on the feedback from my environment, I am convinced that I have a particularly good sense with them. Contributing to this was the fact that by the time I was 18, I had become a 5- time aunt and I was also trying to devote as much time as possible to them.

I consider complex development to be very important, so that in addition to movement development, we also pay sufficient attention to children’s education, cognitive and personality development. In the case of children, movement development is done playfully, according to their interests. I try to design the sessions according to their age, abilities, possibilities and intellectual abilities, so that they can perform the gymnastic exercises in a cheerful mood, hidden among playful tasks.  Before the sessions,just like  in the case of adults, a survey is taken. Like this i make sure that I fully assess the child’s condition and then compile the correct treatment plan accordingly. In order to give them as much as possible, I develop myself through continuous training.