Dispose of 1% of your tax

Every individual who has a tax liability is entitled to dispose of 1 + 1% of his/her tax and offer it to a non-profit organization, church, or special budget appropriation.

One percent of your personal income tax can be offered by any individual who is liable to pay tax.

Offering 1 + 1% of PIT to the taxpayer costs nothing, but its value is enormous to the beneficiaries. If the taxpayer does not provide for the offering of one percent, the amount will go to the state treasury as a paid tax.

Deadline: May 20, 2021

How can we offer 1 + 1% of PIT?

With the help of www.ado1szazalek.com you can easily and conveniently offer 1 + 1% of your tax to the selected non-governmental organization and church.

The form called EGYSZA is also available on the website of the state tax authority, but even the form received by post can be used.


Name of organization: A Végtaghiányos Gyermekekért Alapítvány
Tax number: 19006994-1-43

If your payroll accountant prepares your annual tax return, please indicate your request for the tax 1%, naming our foundation.

Thank you!