This is how you can support us

Monetary donation

We have a lot of dreams, plans and ideas. With your help, we can achieve even more of our goals. Support the work of the foundation with an amount of money you specify. You can submit your donation by bank transfer or credit card payment on the website!

Voluntary work

We always welcome diligent helping hands, because it is often a challenge for us to organize events technically (eg packing chairs, rearranging a room, etc.). If you have the mood and time, we are looking forward to seeing you at our headquarters.

Items we need

Our office has a multifunctional role: it is our headquarter - a physiotherapy and an event venue. We are constantly trying to expand it and beautify it but we are still in need of a lot of things. If you would like to offer us an item on the list, please mark it and contact us.

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