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Day by day we face new challenges, but every day we show more and more confidently show strong we are together. If you help, we can be even stronger.


About us

Our foundation aims to help children with limb differences: to develop physically and mentally, to become healthy, happy, and confident adults. We believe that the foundation gives courage and support to the children. They gain more self-confidence among their peers so they can assert themselves more confidently in their micro-community. They can live a full, healthy and valuable life without limbs.

About our programs

For the healthy physical development of the affected children, we consider it very important that they are strengthened by physiotherapy and swimming.
In order to develop them spiritually, we are happy to organize trips, camps, picnics, celebrations and various art programs. Our goal is to strengthen the strong bond between children, parents, and families.

How you can help

You can support the foundation by volunteering at our events, if you are committed and you would like to be part of our cohesive community. We also need financial support, so with an optional amount of money , you can help the work of the foundation. You can make your payment by bank transfer or credit card payment through the website.


Support our work for the development of children with limb differences!
szöveg: All concerned parents have to struggle with maintaining the balance between supporting the child’s development with the help of competent professionals, and at the same time preserving the childhood of the child with limb differences, being able to enjoy his unclouded little life.
With all your support, you contribute to this, so that we can make the childhood of children with limb differences much more easier!







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